How To Use ALT Text On Instagram: Step-by-Step Guide

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

This is a huge new Instagram feature: the ALT text on Instagram photos. This will help you grow even more. I am sure you are already excited. :) Don't worry I will take you through it step by step. Without wasting much time, Why did Instagram create the ALT Text? Well, I will say they want the best for creators like you and me. They don't actually want anyone to miss out on anything you share. As a social media specialist, I will say this development will generate tonnes of traffic to your Instagram page from google search engine believe me or not. What is “ALT Text”? In Internet language, “ALT” means alternative. So “ALT text” means “alternative text”.

ALT text is the alternative to your photo in case your photo doesn’t load on a website (for example). Instead of seeing the photo, people will read your alternative text. Your alternative text should describe what is on your photo (this way people don’t totally miss out on your content) as it is designed for people with visual impairment. If you don’t write an alternative text for your photo, people will miss your photo.

But ALT texts have a much bigger purpose than just providing a description.

If you're a blogger you already know that ALT texts are everywhere. They are on every website on the Internet. And now Instagram is also making use of it. You might not “see it”, but it is a very important and powerful way to reach more people.

What is the ALT text for?

Here is the most important thing you should know about ALT text:

NB: The ALT text is not a “copy and paste” of your Instagram caption.

The ALT text is used to describe exactly what is on your photo. Why bother adding an ALT text on your posts? Here are 3 major reasons why:

1. It helps people who can’t see “see” your photo As I previously mentioned, the feature was created for the visually impaired, which are people who are partially or completely blind. According to thepreviewapp, by including the ALT text, "people will use it to understand what is on your photo.

Their phones (thanks to the awesome “screen reader” feature) will read the ALT text for them. The ALT text is your way of giving people more context to understand not only your caption".

How sweet is that guys. According to the World Health Organization, we have 39 million blind individual in the world so you can see how this will help you reach more people.

2. It helps the Instagram algorithm understand what is on your photo. Instagram is very picky as they want to always know what your content is about to help suggest and rank you to respective hashtags in the community. Now this algorithm will be more powerful to benefit us as creators. Only if you use your ALT text appropriately.

3. It helps you grow your Instagram account using Google. Well what I used to say is that hashtag is the Search Engine of Instagram as Google is the search engine of the world’s contents.

Instagram SEO is real! now the ALT text is the "Keywords Optimization" tool Instagram has provided for us, hope you can relate now? Just say all that is in the picture you post and you are on your way to getting seen on web.

I hope you now understand the reason for this ALT text feature on Instagram? Before you go I will show you How to add ALT text to NEW and OLD pictures.

How do you add alt text to your new old picture

1. Press on the 3 dots “…”:

Press on the 3 dots “…”

2. Choose “Edit”:

3. Press “Add ALT text”:

4. Write your ALT text:

And hit the done button!

How do you add alt text during your new picture

1. Upload a photo (if you use Preview app, just send your photo to Instagram as usual):

2. On the Instagram caption page, press “Advanced settings”:

3. Click “Write ALT text”: NB: You can write a maximum of 100 characters to describe what is in your photo.

4, Write your ALT text and press “Done”:

Above all, the primary goal of this feature is to enable the visually impaired to be a part of the community on Instagram which is an amazing thing to support.

That's it! I hope you have got value from this blog post if so, share with your loved ones.

Keep pushing your passion! Thank you!

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